Although maritime trade has been documented since the first establishment of the city of Constanta, in 657 B.C., then a Greek colony on the Black Sea coast, the solid Romanian maritime tradition dates since the 15 th century, when fast and light sailboats with one mast were used to trade goods in the Black Sea and Mediterranean ports.

In its modern history, Constanta Port, covering an area of 39.26 km ² and  a length of about 30 km, evolved to become the largest port in the Black Sea and the 4th largest in Europe. The Romanian commercial fleet at its peak in the 1980’s, was comprised of more than 360 ships of different types, such as general cargo, ro-ro/ containers, bulk and ore carriers, oil tankers and fishing vessels, all manned with Romanian crews exclusively. After the collapse of the communist regime in 1989, the Romanian seafarers commenced working on foreign ships and so they acquired experience with multinational crews. All of them can speak, read and write English.

Presently, the skilled maritime workforce potential in Romania is estimated at 30,000 officers and ratings and tends to increase.  Romanian officers are graduates either of the Naval Academy, or of the Maritime University, both being 4-year Technical colleges  that train maritime deck and engine officers at the highest standards. After graduating from one of the above mentioned colleges, officers have to pass a thorough examination by the Romanian Naval Authority to obtain their internationally recognized STCW endorsed certificates of competency.

The IMO courses are attended and then refreshed every five years, in CERONAV – the Romanian Maritime Training Centre, certified ISO 9001:2008, which is a Marlins and ECDL accredited testing center, as well. The training programs are organized according to international standards and as a result, over 90% of all the seafarers trained here are being employed by international shipping companies.

The institution has a training base loaded with material and simulation equipment of the latest generation, which includes simulators for navigation, communications, cargo handling, naval engines and equipment. The membership in the following international organizations and associations speaks for the high quality training services offered by CERONAV:


Romanian ratings are trained in the Maritime High School and then in CERONAV, where they attend and then refresh the IMO courses every five years, same as the officers.

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